Friday, March 16, 2012

Treat for the Night Owls!

Okay, I don't care if you are lounging around in your pajamas catching up on blog posts, or at work... but you need to drop everything you are doing, and hurry outside. You may have noticed two bright stars off to the west after the sun sets in the evening, they are infact not stars at all. They are the planets Venus and Jupiter. What makes this week so special is that we earthlings have had the opportunity to watch these two lovely planets put on a show for us, the both of them, together!

This photo was taken Wednesday evening, so tonight will probably be the last best chance to capture them in a photo together. On Monday they ended up aligned, and it was one of the most amazing planetary phenomenons that I had ever seen with my own eyes! (Possibly the ONLY planetary phenomenon I've ever seen with my own eyes, haha!)

Then, while outside, look straight up. See that bright red star? That's Mars! It should be almost directly above you. This photo was taken very early in the morning, so you can see that it had moved it's course through the night towards the west.

But wait! There's MORE!! During the very late night hours, if you look to the east, you are able to see yet another planetary beauty. Her name is Saturn! She likes to play in the constelations, so finding her is a little more tricky. I suggest using an app, such as Google Sky Maps to get an exact location on her, or any of the other planets if you seem to be having trouble.

Now, grab your lawn chairs, your cameras, and your kids and get outside and soak up the nautral beauty of these facinating planets and the rest of what the night sky has to offer!

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