Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thawing out

Okay, SERIOUSLY. Could you believe today?! If I didn't know any better I would have thought it was spring! I contemplated packing away our coats and winter gear for the year, but decided I didn't want to be held responsible for jinxing this amazing weather and making Old Man Winter rear his ugly head again!

So we happily forgot our coats at home, and took a nice family walk to our local ice cream shoppe and got some cones!

Elliott decided on a butterscotch dipped cone, which might I add, was HEAVEN.

Avery, although having a minor milk allergy was very jealous of our cones, so I let her eat the rest of my cone after I had ate all the ice cream from it. I was immediately promoted to both best and worst mom ever.

Yesterday while talking to the receptionist at my doctor's office, he made her guess what his favorite colors were. "Red, White, and Blue!" I had to giggle, of course it was! Isn't that some kind of requirement for being born on the 4th of July? Hehee

We had such a nice time out all together, that we were sad that we gobbled up our cones in just a matter of minutes. Walking back home was just as nice, and the sugar rush sure put everyone in a great mood! I did notice one member of the family who got their sugar crash before the rest.

And not even an hour later, while playing in the back yard

Sure hope the weatherman holds up his end of the bargain, because I can't wait for more days like today!

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