Thursday, March 15, 2012

Taste of Summer

This week was a sure reminder of days to come. We have had record-high temperatures all week long and it's given us a chance to open up the windows, visit some parks and stretch out those winter legs, and most importantly try on all those summer dresses we've been staring at in Avery's closet for what seems like forever!

Most of our days have looked alot like this:

Seeing how fast we can run through the playground

Swinging as high as we can, because it's apparently the funnest thing. Ever.

Spending some quality sibling bonding time

Discovering new things we've never seen before

Exploring in new places, and looking back at mom to make sure this is okay. This is okay, right?

Playing in the mud, just because we can.

Quenching our thirst with a cool drink, and savoring every.last.drop.

Just feeling the air between our (dirty) piggies, and letting the grass tickle our feet.

To us, this is summer. It is so strange to us seeing trees with no leaves and people in shorts! And even if the weather doesn't stick around, because, it IS still winter after all (First day of spring is on March 20th, 5 more days!!) it was nice having a taste of summer to whet our appetite!

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