Friday, January 6, 2012

Spring has.... sprung?

[Blows off dust] Holy smokes! It's been ages since I've posted and I just want so badly to get back into the blogging world. I hope you guys haven't missed me too much!

The weather this winter has been something else, hasn't it? Today was 55 degrees and absolutely GORGEOUS! We opened all the windows and did some winter spring cleaning! Even sweet Coconut enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine coming though.

Curiosity got the best of me and I went into the backyard with the littles and I could not believe my eyes. Seems that the weather has not only confused us, but mother earth as well!

My flowers are sprouting!! Oh no!! Fingers crossed that we don't get the winter we have seemed to have missed out on and kill my beauties!! It just boggles my mind when I really think about it though. These don't even begin to sprout until April, and here it is, the begining of January.

Yesterday we actually got out of the house for ourselves for once (shocker, I know) and spent some time at the Butterfly Park! Elliott was too busy running through the towers of slides they have, but my little Avery played with me.

Boy did she love that ladybug rocker. Totally a "big girl" thing to her!

Isn't she so sweet! I can't believe she turned 10 MONTHS today! Where in the world has time gone? I feel like it was just yesterday she was born! Infact, I think the last time I posted here was when she WAS born! Oops! She just got her top two front teeth for Chirstmas, how apropos! and is soooo close to walking!

I have alot to update on, but I wanted to check in and say hello and that I missed you all. I've gone through alot these last few months and it's nice to have a place that I can just come home to and write again. New year calls for a fresh start, don't you think?

Now, go enjoy that weather before it disappears!

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