Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day!

Got to love living in the Chicago-land area.
All you need is one wild blizzard and mix it with some annoying lake effect snow, and you have one nasty mess! Lucky for us, we got enough of the mess to close down the entire county for the day, a whole 17 inches worth. And counting!

I'm loving the day home with my boys and just buming around the house. Heck, I haven't even changed from my pajamas yet.
Take THAT!

We gloomly decided it was time to start digging us out of the mess.
But before we started, we had a yearly tradition to complete.

The Annual Coconut Chucking Contest!
No Cocos were harmed in the process :)

Oh. My. Word. My sides STILL hurt from laughing so hard! He is just the cutest ball of wet, snowy fluff I've ever seen! And he didn't seem too angry from the cuddles I just recieved ;)

Also those are our cars under those globs of snow,
incase you couldn't tell.

Stay warm!

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