Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh, happy day.

After being down in the dumps for the last few weeks about all the crap life decides to dish out all at once, I woke up today and was determined to make today better.
It started with a good hair day. Then feeling awesome in my clothes with my rockin baby belly.

I then left the house and went to meet my midwife for the first time who, by the way, completely ROCKS. We were totally speaking the same language compared to my previous doctor, and I just left sighing in relief! Now I'm excited about the upcoming birth rather than nervous/anxious about getting "tricked" into a C-section again. Them docs can be sneaky if they really want to be!

Can you believe I'm measuring 4 WEEKS ahead?!!
Don't answer that

And as tradition stands, I went straight to Babies R Us afterwards and got some cute for Baby A's growing wardrobe! FYI, the baby swimsuits are out! Be still my heart.. and wallet!

I have been going back and forth on bedding for Little A ever since I found out she was a she. Since she'll be sharing a room with her brother, it was only fair that he not be overloaded with PINK GALOREEEEE, and so I've been in search for something cute, modern, and that would fit his room as is. I debated for hours it seemed but nothing really stood out. I ended up at a different store and by luck/chance/fate, THERE IT WAS. And with the price tag on the thing, it was pratically BEGGING to be brought home. I can't wait to get everything set up so I can show it all off!

I love the little things that remind you that life will be okay, no matter what. Today has blessed me with a fistful of little things to get me by.

A constant reminder of what's in store.


  1. I want to hear more about your appt!:) you look great!

  2. You ARE looking great! Feeling good about yourself is such a great feeling. It's like "Look out world. I'm looking GOOD today!" ;)