Thursday, May 6, 2010


I finally get a breather in my ever so busy life I have been living these last few weeks that I finally have a day (well, half-a-day really) to relax before picking back up where I started! I have an expo this weekend and then wedding season starts! Been trying to catch up on my blogs but I would rather take advantage of the sunshine, no offence!

Elliott and I finally managed to escape from work Tuesday for a few hours and made plans to have lunch with my mother-in-law and her darling son (that being my husband, ofcourse!) and ate lunch at our local ice cream shoppe.
Elliott was in heaven.

As we were leaving we spotted a purple cow.
It was love at first sight.


The last adventure of the day was when we went to the park,
and we saw the sweetest pup! 
All I heard for the rest of the day was "That puppy was sooo cute!"

All of these things (and more) makes the time I put aside just for him worthwhile and happy that I take the time to breathe.

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