Sunday, April 25, 2010


For a long while, I wanted a certain feel to my photos. I wanted them captured a certain way, with ease and emotion. I wanted to capture.. moments. Not that I haven't captured moments, but I've had my trusty Nikon D60 for a long while and for that long while I struggled with getting photos the way I really envisioned. I struggled with the limits of my camera, but used it the very best that I could.

Today, a leap forward was made for Lauren Alexis Photography, as I gratuated to a lovely D300s.
It was love at first click.
And my 50mm lens, perfection.
These two were pratically made for each other.

Today, I had so much fun playing and getting to know my new colleague. And in the process, I captured.. moments.

And ofcourse, enjoying a moment to myself.


  1. Lauren these shots are beautiful!!! you are making me want to upgrade!!!

  2. You are beautiful Lauren! Really lovely!
    Way to go being a winner this week! I loved your collage right away. I thought it was outstanding :) I always love visiting you!

  3. congrats! i came from D60 also--no going back. the camera store guy gave us his used F100 in exchange. best deal we ever made.

  4. Beautiful shots, every single one of them. Almost makes me want to switch to Nikon... almost. LOL!