Monday, April 5, 2010

Loving Some-Bunny.

I have put off the talk, better known as "The Bunny and the Eggs", up until the day before because I knew that I was in store for some questions, sleepless nights, and to be honest.. I had to think about what I wanted to say because this child remembers everything.
I carefully explained who the Easter Bunny was, what he does, and why while on a drive and the whole while he sat in the back repeating everything, soaking it all in, yet not quite understanding it all quite yet.

We ended up at the mall to pick up a last minute Easter outfit and hopes to go see the Easter Bunny (at a different location) later that evening. Little did I know that I ended up parking on the side of the mall where their Bunny was making his appearance.
The second his eyes saw what every other child in the mall were peeing their pants over, Elliott sat there and stared in amazement at this... dusty pink?... half alseep??... looking... thing? Whatever it was I was rather disturbed but kept those comments to myself and let the kid have his moment.

It was love at first sight for him.

For the rest of that day all he did was ask over, and over.. and over again if we were going to see the Easter Bunny yet. No, not just yet I would tell him and that would shut him up, atleast for the next 5 minutes.
This lasted for the rest of the day, mind you.

Finally, after we got him dressed and ready to go, we end up at Big Bass Pro Shop, or as Elliott would call it, "The Easter Bunny's house" (They always have THE BEST, free sittings come Christmas and Easter) only to find that they had closed hours before. He was definately heartbroken, but the Easter Bunny ended up "leaving him a note" saying he would come visit on Easter.  
We did end up taking advantage of him looking "Fancy" though and took some obligatory holiday photos. Oh, and colored eggs.

Anyways, after all the hype he made of this LIFE CHANGING Bunny, we decided to come back Easter afternoon when they were open to surprise him.

It's amazing how fast their minds change.

Clinging on to Dad for dear life.

Yup. I can definately feel the love this Easter.

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