Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Hardest Part.

No one tells you the hardest part about being a photographer (and taking photos of your family) is being the one always behind the camera. Especially when you look back on all the photos you have taken of your family over the years, and knowing why you were missing from the picture.

March 2010

There was no evidence that I have been to a certain year's Christmas party, or a certain someone's birthday party, or that one sweet moment that you shared with your child that no one but you would have even thought to have captured.

Now, I'm not one to really actually want my photo taken, but when I look back on them I really adore the fact that I will forever be tied into a memory, and evidence of my history.

December 2009
What will my children think when they look back on their photos, and see that they were so loved to have pratically every single breathing second of their life recorded, yet the photos that they would treasure the most are the ones that they don't have enough of?

March 2009

I do get jealous/fustrated/upset at my husband alot for being able to be the one interacting in whatever activity Elliott is ingrossed in and I'm the one who is stuck taking the pictures.
Then, I am torn between wanting to capture the moment, or put the camera down and be IN the moment with nothing to look back on.

I wish I was the type of person who could just ask for my husband to do it, but it gets tiresome of having to ask all the time. And majority of the time I forget because I am already in "Photo-mode"

Photo taken of me at my son's birthday party last year, July 2009

So the next time you see someone taking pictures at your family event, out with friends, or trying to capture their kids while they are still little (or all grown!) ask to take their camera and get some photos of them with the people they love. The worst that could happen is that they hate having their photo taken and refuse!

The photos shown above are a few of the handful of photos I have of me and my son together.
Next on the agenda, get family photos taken!


  1. I can totally relate to this!

    But It's so hard to put the camera down and rish not having those moments recorded!

  2. I have that same frustration. I'm not a photographer, but Shane just doesn't take photos... so it's either I take them or we get none!

  3. Wow, I totally relate to this post. I am always the one taking the photos. Mainly because I want to capture lots of memories and because I love taking pictures. It's so frustrating though that I too always seem to be asking to have my photo taken. It seems a bit vain but it really isn't. I know I don't look great in photos but I really want to be in these photographic memories too.