Thursday, April 1, 2010


I get teary eyed just thinking about feet nowadays. Especially those sweet baby feet..
I could hold them in my fingers forever and just cry.
You Capture this week is just giving me an excuse to talk about one of the
most emotional things that has ever happened to this family,
and pair of feet only a mother (and doctor) could love.
Oh, how I love them.

These feet.
His feet.

The words every new mother dreads to hear:
Your child was born with Bilateral Club Foot
or "Two Clubbed Feet"

We held each other and cried for days,
not knowing what this meant for our tiny infant son.

On his 6th day of life, he recieved his first set of corrective casts.
They now sit in my closet packed away. Still so tiny..

Every week I would wake up anxious,
knowing that it would be the day I could kiss his tiny feet
and rub his fragile legs as I bathe the dead skin away.

Soon, weeks turned into months.

And soon surgery was needed. Followed by more casts.
And finally braces.

But all his feet wanted to do was to turn in.

We were emotionally exhausted.
We were out of money and hope.

And then we found them.

The team of doctors and nurses that restored any doubts we had.
After that first visit we KNEW our son will be able to one day walk normally.
All because of their hard work and passion they put towards making him better.

After a few more castings..

Another surgery..

And the wearing braces for many long days..

and nights,...

A beautiful sight started to happen all on it's own.

Those tiny newborn feet we used to cry about
have become the most beautiful gifts that my child could ever have recieved.

All because of what a team of doctors and nurses did for my son.
Thank you Shriners Hospital for Children in Chicago.

And oh, how I love those feet.



  1. What a wonderful post! Amazing outcome, amazing photos.

  2. Oh my, what a beautiful post, it made me cry. I love the colour photo of him walking on the beach.

  3. Oh what an amazing post, amazing photos, thank you for sharing the journey.

  4. omgosh. i'm a pediatric physical therapist. i used to make those casts and afo's and stretch and console and motivate and support and love families like yours.
    your tenderness in telling his story will stay with me.
    'kay... i have to wipe the tears away and get my kiddos to school.
    love to you and your family-i'm so happy for you.
    {couldn't leave my addy:]
    {love your blog design and colors.. they're cheerful and hopeful. love it.}

  5. This made me tear up as well. We never know what other people had to go through. I'm so glad you found a cure at the Shriners!

  6. You're going to make me cry on this beautiful sunny morning! Thanks so much for your post. I know that feeling of wanting to hug and kiss the docs and nurses who make your little guy better. Praise the Lord for awesome hospitals!

  7. POOKIE!!!!! Your post was a loving testament to your baby. I loved all the pictures. They are precious. VERY precious!

  8. As soon as I saw the topic, I was hoping you'd write about his feet! I know what a journey you had... and what a great outcome.

  9. Poor baby! I started crying when I was reading your post. It must have been so heartbreaking to see your baby in a cast for so long. I'm glad that you found a wonderful team of doctors that did everything they could. I'm also really glad you got a happy ending :)

  10. And he was such a trooper through it all! You all were. I've told you before, but we as a family rooted for Elliot every time you shared a story at LJ. I love to see the pictures of him at the beach, how wonderful that must have been for all of you, to have the water on his toes..feet...ankles. *sigh*

  11. Love it. Love it, love it, love it. :)

    So happy I got to watch most of that journey on your LJ. :)

  12. i pray that the heartache you endured has made life on the other side so much sweeter. what a precious gift for a precious little boy. thank you for sharing.

  13. now just watch him end up a track star ;)

  14. What a sweet story! So happy for how things turned out! Gorgeous story and photos.

  15. I love happy endings. Beautiful story.

  16. What an amazing post, thank you for sharing. Perfect, beautiful normal feet that most of us take for granted. I love the sandy feet photo, gorgeous light and great dof.

  17. Wow! What a journey! Glad everything turned out all right! My favourite picture is the one of him walking on the beach! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Wow! Thank you for sharing your story! What a beautiful journey!

  19. What a beautiful story, with a happy ending. Thanks for sharing your baby's feet.

  20. wow. i didn't realize feet would make me cry and smile. what a blessing.

  21. wow, what an amazing and powerful story through these beautiful images of your precious boy. thank you for sharing this with us this week!

  22. Wow. What an amazing story! The pictures are amazing.

    I'm so glad you shared.

  23. what an absolutely beautiful post! im so glad that your story has a happy ending. you have such a precious little boy!

  24. Such a wonderful post! I'm so glad he's okay now. Such a new appreciation of feet.

  25. It's been almost three years since our babies were born. I remember these feet and am so amazed that E walks now!

  26. I found you via 'Sweet Shot Tuesday' and am so glad to have kept reading.
    My daughter has been a Shriners patient here in Portland, OR for 10 years. Shriners is an AMAZING place and I am grateful every time I see her run/walk.

    How wonderful that you chronicled this journey. I didn't do so (birth to surgery) and it would have been a wonderful thing to have.

  27. wow. I seriously just cried happy tears for you and your family. what an amazing marical. Such a touching story. Thanks so much for sharing. I am so glad I decided to read a little more. I am not a follower of your blog. I look forward to getting to know you and yours. xo


  28. Amazing story and so simply put. I too am in tears and seeing the picture of him crying, sitting on the floor and pulling at his braces aches my heart. I'm glad he his now able to do what every kid looks forward to doing; walking, and enjoying the sand between his toes.