Friday, March 12, 2010

Fix-It Friday!

I thought I would participate in one fun challenge that I felt like I have been waiting for FOREVER since I found I Heart Faces blog.. okay, it really has only been a few days but still! I wanted to show off my edit to the photo of this week's challenge! My first fix-it challenge! I win a cookie, no?

Click photo to enlarge, or here for the original 'after'

See how I took this low lighted and dull photo and turned it into something with POP! Granted, not the best POP! I've done, but it's late, give me some credit.
I may have cheated or is it cheating? by using from my awesome collection of Photoshop actions, but hey, what can I say. I do what I know how to do best. Not cheat, that is! COUGH COUGH.

To make a long editing story short, you can achieve this similar by knowing basic Photoshop skills if you do not have the help of actions at your fingertips.

1. Duplicate layers! This helps if you ever need the original layer later on or to start over.
2. Adjust curves to correct exposure
3. Color balance correction
4. Color Saturation adjustment That's where the POP! is.
5. Skin fixing by airbrushing skin color over areas set at only 10% opacity, repeat as needed but be careful not to overdo.
6. Vigneting (you can, ahem, cheat by airbrushing black at about a 10% opacity a few times in the corners and edges)
7. Have fun with it! Tweak here and there until photo is to your satisfaction! Save and share!

Hope this helps some of you! Hope that you take advantage of I Heart Faces Fix-it Friday Challenge, I would LOVE to see what you guys end up with!!

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  1. nice bright edit, looks great, i always love the bright colours.