Friday, March 5, 2010

The Calm Before the Storm.

I am pretty excited....

Okay, I'm not going to lie.
I'm pulling out my hair right now.

I am about 110% sure that the Terrible Two's are here and in full force.
Elliott has been getting into everything. EVERYTHING.
And the words "No! Put that down! Don't touch that! Get down before you fall!!" just don't exist in his dictionary. Sometimes I don't even think his name is really his name.
It's exhausting I tell you.

These last few days have been interesting. It has almost as if he has been taking every little thing he has been observing, hearing, and learning for the last two years and just applied it all at once, and decided to use it for bad rather than good! Not only is he using this newly applied smarts to get into things he shouldn't be, but almost overnight he has grown in the way he talks to us (using 3-4 sentences at a time and having an actual conversation), writing, drawing.. it's all completely mind blowing.
Oh, let's not forget his new skill of perfecting the temper tantrum.

This evening, he was jumping on our bed when he suddenly got quiet.
Alarms in our heads went off since, well, you NEVER trust a quiet two year old. We have learnt the hard way, many times.

Suddenly I hear my husband yell at me to hurry and see something, and I automatically assume the worst.
My mind starts to race at what my little explorer could possibly be into this time.. My makeup? I hope not. My underwear drawer? He better not. My shoes? That could be funny..
And do what I always do when I know I'm getting ready to walk into a disaster, grab the camera. 

But much to my surprise, I see such a sweet sight.

My hyper freebird of a son, is fast asleep.

It really took me back, and I was in awe of this beautiful sight. I just couldn't think of a better way to capture this rare and precious moment than this.

Just like the calm before the storm, this little whirlwind is just gearing up for his next big adventure tomorrow.
But for now, I'm enjoying just a little bit of quiet!

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