Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Underneath it all.

Ever wear something under your clothes that bring a smile to you because you're wearing something that no one else knows?

I do.

When Elliott was a baby, he used to wear casts to correct his Bilateral Club Feet. To hide these casts that turned nasty looking in an instant, I learned to make my own baby legs. Went on Ebay and stocked up on all the knee-high socks I could find. I even sold these leggings on my Etsy shop I owned for some time.

A year later, Elliott was out of his casts for good and I no longer needed to make the leggings, and just threw the remaining socks in the back of my craft closet and figured I would find a use for them later.

A few months ago I was digging in my craft closet looking for something or another, and stumble upon all of these brand new knee-high socks just stuffed in a drawer. I saw them. They were begging for me to use them. I felt naughty!

Since that day, I have worn those knee-highs every chance I got. Under my jeans, under my work uniform, to photoshoots, under my pajamas. Heck, I've ran around the house before wearing nothing but!

Truth is, knee-high socks are the PERFECT winter accessory. Gives you an extra snuggle of warmth, and keeps the snow from slipping down your socks (which makes no one happy), and you can slip boots on and off without a problem in them! Think of them as the new "long john"!
I don't think I will ever go another winter without.

So the next time you see me smiling at nothing.. you might just know what I'm really smiling about.


  1. And you forgot a most important reason to enjoy your knee-high socks... You don't have to shve your legs. (Unless of course you are photographing a picture of said legs for your blog. LOL!!)

  2. GAHH!! I was totally going to put that in there too!! That's what really honestly started the Knee-high wearin' fun, LOL!