Friday, February 12, 2010

Sugar High

One of the many perks I get from working with children, kindergardeners to be specific, is that they are very giving when it comes to teachers during their Valentine's party. There is a mad rush to out-do their class mates and give their special folded cartoon valentines that they have spent hours on just writing their own names on each little card, and to see who can shove it in Miss Lauren's valentine's day box first. All just to get a sweet hug and "Thank You!" from said teacher, enough to shoot their little egos through the roof.
Oh, and to the cool kids who bring candy or tattoos, you totally get kudos!

All day today, I have been riding the a sugar rollercoaster, as soon as I feel myself coming down I quickly refuel with more junk. delicious junk, mind you. Got to love this sweet holiday.

But the second I walk through the door of my home, my delicious treasures are no longer mine.

No sir.

See, Elliott used to be a basset hound in his past life. He could SMELL the sugar on me, demanding I handed him "the sucker in your pocket!" There was no pocket sucker!
I unwillingly gave up the goods, it was hard, but I had no other choice.
You just don't mess with a toddler that has your life in the palm of his hand over some sweeties.

But the glory of this entire situation and what makes it all worth while is this simple fact:

What comes up...

                           must come down. zzz.

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