Thursday, February 25, 2010

Babies, Babies, BABIES!

No matter where I go or what I do, all I can seem to see are babies!!
And they are definately making a certain lady a little clucky.

So I found a solution to this cluckiness, and decided that what better way to be around babies than to take photos of their precious first few months of life. 

It sounds great in theory.
...until you see sweet faces like these.

Baby Landon

Baby Kylie

Baby James

Baby Issac

But the better part of me is saying that this brilliant idea has thoroughly back fired. Now I want another baby more than ever! Just keep telling myself the best things come with time!

To add to my baby delight, my little sister gave birth to my beautiful first nephew today. Even though we are 700 miles away, thanks to my awesome dad he set up a webcam and I really felt like I was right there in the room with all of them.
Something tells me that this will be the longest two weeks that I will have to wait in my life!
Miles Lawson, I can not wait to meet you and kiss your sweet little toes. Your turn infront of my camera is next!

"A sweet, new blossom of humanity, fresh fallen from God’s own home to flower on earth."
-Gerald Massey

Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me Monday.

This is my first ever Not Me Monday hosted by the wonderful MckMama!

Oh my Elliott, my sweet little boy.
I swear this child keeps me on my toes.
But I love every second of it!!

This morning I went to check on my wonderful little boy, opened his door, and my mouth fell to the floor.
A tornado had ripped through his room, but the windows weren't shattered and the roof was still in tack. His room was litterally turned upside down. I knew it was messy before he went to bed, but it was NOTHING that I could even prepare myself for.

How did he...?  How did I not hear...?? WHY ME?!!

The only thing I could really answer is that the mess needed to be picked up.
And that I was not going to do it alone! Nope, not me!

That's right buddy! You got the right idea!
Oh, and by the way, you're grounded from crayons. Just because Nana let you color a shirt with her does NOT mean you are allowed to color your walls too. Capeesh?

Lesson #236: Never underestimate the power of a two year old.

Here's to hoping I make it out alive to take after photos!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Capture: Kisses

This is my first You Capture hosted by the ever lovely I Should Be Folding Laundry, so just bare with me!

It's late and the kissing monster is in bed right snoozing it up, so for now I'm going to dig in the photo vault and share something I thought would be perfect for this assignment!

Once upon a time ago, sometime last spring, a little boy ran up to me covered in what I though at a first glance was blood. I was horrified until I took a second look, and laughed so hard I couldn't breathe and did the only think I could think about and grab the camera.

That's right folks. My son experimented with his first tube of lipstick.
No, not just any kind of lipstick, he just had to use the brightest shade of red that I owned, and it just so happened to last ALL DAY. Oh yes.

Let me tell you, we were litterally SCRAPING the red off this child using vasaline and baby oil, and yet he remained red for days. No amount of water and soap would clean it off. I highly recommend Endless Lipsick by L'Oreal in Fired Up.. only, do yourselves a favor and hide it from your kids!
And my carpet. My poor poor carpet..

Fast forward about 9 months later.
This mama had definately learned her lesson.

Only she didn't hide her lipsick hard enough.

At least his applying skills have improved!

Kisses anyone?


Atleast they look pretty!

Here are photos of the culprits. I managed to stomach a few minutes just for you guys!

Don't they just look innocent?

Oh my Valentine.

I was super excited about Valentine's day and had every intention on posting about all about it.
I made these super adorable heart shaped brownies and took photos to prove it, but then that night I was hit with the stomach bug.
I prayed to the porcelain god all that night and flushed those once was delicious treats right right down the toilet.
Gross, I know. Sorry!

I finally felt better yesterday and decided to get this post going!
The second I saw the photo of those brownies, I felt nauseous again. I couldn't do it!

So instead, I leave you with this.
Elliott cuteness.

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Last night I had a dream.

I was chasing after something.

I was driving on a dirt road, in the middle of a feild, possibly summertime, where the tall grass grew,
with a cityline in the horizon, and a camera around my neck.
The burning red, setting sun was in my eyes, and I embraced the warmth.

I was driving, searching.
The setting sun was getting closer to the city line, I was on a race against the clock.

Then I saw it. I just looked up and saw it.
I even back tracked a little so that I was back at that exact spot.

I snapped the photo.

Then I woke up.

I thought about the dream briefly this morning, but quickly went about my day. For a brief second I concidered bringing my camera to work with me, but decided against because of the number of little fingers.
I was busy getting the kids situated in the classroom when I looked up.

Words escaped me, and my heart started to pound.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

It was the photo from my dream.

True story.

Sugar High

One of the many perks I get from working with children, kindergardeners to be specific, is that they are very giving when it comes to teachers during their Valentine's party. There is a mad rush to out-do their class mates and give their special folded cartoon valentines that they have spent hours on just writing their own names on each little card, and to see who can shove it in Miss Lauren's valentine's day box first. All just to get a sweet hug and "Thank You!" from said teacher, enough to shoot their little egos through the roof.
Oh, and to the cool kids who bring candy or tattoos, you totally get kudos!

All day today, I have been riding the a sugar rollercoaster, as soon as I feel myself coming down I quickly refuel with more junk. delicious junk, mind you. Got to love this sweet holiday.

But the second I walk through the door of my home, my delicious treasures are no longer mine.

No sir.

See, Elliott used to be a basset hound in his past life. He could SMELL the sugar on me, demanding I handed him "the sucker in your pocket!" There was no pocket sucker!
I unwillingly gave up the goods, it was hard, but I had no other choice.
You just don't mess with a toddler that has your life in the palm of his hand over some sweeties.

But the glory of this entire situation and what makes it all worth while is this simple fact:

What comes up...

                           must come down. zzz.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Underneath it all.

Ever wear something under your clothes that bring a smile to you because you're wearing something that no one else knows?

I do.

When Elliott was a baby, he used to wear casts to correct his Bilateral Club Feet. To hide these casts that turned nasty looking in an instant, I learned to make my own baby legs. Went on Ebay and stocked up on all the knee-high socks I could find. I even sold these leggings on my Etsy shop I owned for some time.

A year later, Elliott was out of his casts for good and I no longer needed to make the leggings, and just threw the remaining socks in the back of my craft closet and figured I would find a use for them later.

A few months ago I was digging in my craft closet looking for something or another, and stumble upon all of these brand new knee-high socks just stuffed in a drawer. I saw them. They were begging for me to use them. I felt naughty!

Since that day, I have worn those knee-highs every chance I got. Under my jeans, under my work uniform, to photoshoots, under my pajamas. Heck, I've ran around the house before wearing nothing but!

Truth is, knee-high socks are the PERFECT winter accessory. Gives you an extra snuggle of warmth, and keeps the snow from slipping down your socks (which makes no one happy), and you can slip boots on and off without a problem in them! Think of them as the new "long john"!
I don't think I will ever go another winter without.

So the next time you see me smiling at nothing.. you might just know what I'm really smiling about.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's the simple things.

Sometimes all you need...

...are cookies,

...a cup of milk,

...and a sweet smiling face keep you warm

...on a long snowy night.

Giving Elliott's baby-hood a makeover.

Once upon a time, before I even knew what a DSLR even WAS, I relied on my trusty Olympus point-and-shoot camera (my first ever camera, mind you) to capture those oh-so-precious moments that I was determined to document and savour for the rest of my life.

Fast forward to a few years later, I look back on these photos and love them still so much as I did the day I took them, but I now look at them in a different light. How do these photos that capture this little baby showing off his bubbling personality that I used to be so proud of, look so lifeless and akward? Truth is, back then I knew nothing about camera tricks of the trade, let alone any editing skills to save my life, and all I cared about was having my camera clicking pratically every second of his beautiful life.

Suddenly it hit me, as if I have been waiting these last 2.5 years for this project to present itself..

I want to restore all of my favorite Elliott photos, and print them out for his baby albums that I have yet to fill.. shhh!!

This idea struck me last month when I was catching up on his age banners, and again tonight when I was fixing up one of my old favorites for my most recent age post.

So my new goal before Elliott graduates college 2011 is to restore these photos!

Now the biggest hurdle, how do I choose between 13,000 PHOTOS?
See! We're not going to talk about how many disks it took to back them all up!

I was once a tiny little baby...

My how the time flies...