Saturday, January 23, 2010

Inspire me.

Where does the story of me start?

Well, I threw away any part of my life that happened before 2004, So I guess you can say life really started for me later that year when I first decided to take charge of my life, leave home, and meet the man I would later call my husband.

We decided to do things non-tradionally okay, not really decided, life just sort of... happened. We ended up with a shotgun wedding and a bouncing baby boy all in the same year, but really couldn't have been happier!

Life took another turn the morning I was opening my christmas gifts a few years ago and opened up a brand new Nikon D60, a gift from my wonderful grandparents who wanted to see what I could do.
I had already taken nearly 3,000 photos of my dear Elliott in just his first year with my favorite point and shoot. But this, this new camera was like holding a blank canvas right in my hands, a never ending, blank canvas. Made all photos before it seem obsolete even though I loved each one so much!

And so a new generation of photos began, and I slowly grew and captured every possible aspect of my little son's life. He inspired me to pick up and use my cameras like I never imagined in just his 2.5 years of life, and everyday I discover something more about him I want to capture.

This growth sparked something inside and I started playing with the idea of shooting other people.. with the camera, people!
I knew instantly after my first shoot that this was something I wanted to spend my life doing. That is where I stand now, trying to build what I hope to become a career.

Welcome to my new blog, a new start. I can't wait to share some of my favorite E moments that still make me laugh and smile to this day, and also just a glimpse of how I try to manage everyday life and make my dream come true!

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