Thursday, January 28, 2010

Have a laugh!

Sometimes I can get so wrapped up in everyday life
that I forget to relax and focus on something
that makes me happy and laugh.

That happens to be taking photos of myself.
Yes friends, I am one to laugh at, and I can appreciate that!
I love having a quiet house with everyone asleep and
nothing but me and my camera
to amuse me and pass a good half hour just goofing around.
Plus, who doesn't like a great photo of themselves
to look back on and smile?
This one is definately a keeper.

Now it's your turn, go laugh at yourself!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photo Products: Lightscoop

If I had to endorse any product I had recently bought, it would have to be Professer Korbe's Lightscoop. I thought it was worth a try since it was a whole $40, and thought it could be something I might like. Like? More like LOVE. I don't know WHY I haven't came across it before, I would have killed to have this a long time ago.

So what's the big deal, you're wondering? Okay, think back at the last time you took a photo with your flash. You know that nasty look the flash gives photos, the over exposure at times, harsh shadows in the background, and the dreaded red eye? Yeah, with the Lightscoop those are history! What the lightscoop is is a device you slide into your flash's hot shoe, with a mirror directly in front of the flash, and reflects the light back off of the walls and ceiling behind you giving your photo a more natural look.

It's simply amazing.
I don't think I will ever use my camera's flash again unless there is a Lightscoop attached!

Inspire me.

Where does the story of me start?

Well, I threw away any part of my life that happened before 2004, So I guess you can say life really started for me later that year when I first decided to take charge of my life, leave home, and meet the man I would later call my husband.

We decided to do things non-tradionally okay, not really decided, life just sort of... happened. We ended up with a shotgun wedding and a bouncing baby boy all in the same year, but really couldn't have been happier!

Life took another turn the morning I was opening my christmas gifts a few years ago and opened up a brand new Nikon D60, a gift from my wonderful grandparents who wanted to see what I could do.
I had already taken nearly 3,000 photos of my dear Elliott in just his first year with my favorite point and shoot. But this, this new camera was like holding a blank canvas right in my hands, a never ending, blank canvas. Made all photos before it seem obsolete even though I loved each one so much!

And so a new generation of photos began, and I slowly grew and captured every possible aspect of my little son's life. He inspired me to pick up and use my cameras like I never imagined in just his 2.5 years of life, and everyday I discover something more about him I want to capture.

This growth sparked something inside and I started playing with the idea of shooting other people.. with the camera, people!
I knew instantly after my first shoot that this was something I wanted to spend my life doing. That is where I stand now, trying to build what I hope to become a career.

Welcome to my new blog, a new start. I can't wait to share some of my favorite E moments that still make me laugh and smile to this day, and also just a glimpse of how I try to manage everyday life and make my dream come true!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


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